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“Come and talk-to mee, I really-wanna meet you, loves, I really-wanna know your name. Oooo, come and talk-to-me, I reeaally-wanna meet you, loves, Iiii really-wanna knooow your naaammmee” ~ Come and Talk to Me Remix, Jodeci

(Totally sung it while I was typing. Whatever, you did too, so shutty. Also, shutty again, I know that it’s not “loves” right there, but “gir,l” instead, but “loves” fit because it’s unisex. So there.)



>>>>>>>>> Note: This pic was taken during CIAA 2014. My best-friend, my favorite cousin and I went while I was sick with the flu. It was the best/worst four days ever. But seriously, look how cute and chubby I managed to look when I was legit sick. #Winning! >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


Twitter:@licitrecidivist (I’m always there when I

know good and damned well I should be writing. As a matter of fact, I could use a little encouragement, so if you’re waiting for a story

and you see me messin’ ’round (southern) tweeting about nonsense or you know, sense stuff, just tell me to get on the ball. I promise to listen and I promise to always reply.)


Pintrest: Robin Muse(I just made this page, because I

was just thinking about needing more social media outlets to reach my readers and this seemed interesting. So I’ll be there soon, but for now, go follow me and let’s interact a little…or don’t…but do. Thanks)


Google+:2muses2know or Robin Muse(Hell, I don’t know. I’m never there, but if

I happen to be, then I promise to interact.)


Facebook:Completely off of it, but sooner or later I feel a fan page coming on…we’ll see how it works out


Or here: (See below, fill out that form and I’ll respond within a lifetime or so…but

definitely a life time.)


Thanks for looking at this page. Did you like it? If so,

use one of those options and tell me about it…or don’t.



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