PCOS…and other sticky situations



Listen, Homie,


If you’re on this page, looking for health and wellness, then click off of it NOW.

You’ll find none of that here.

What you will find is is real talk and a bunch of crazy shit concerning the subject matter…the more taboo things that we don’t like to talk about…or as most of  my Cyster’s are too caught up in ourselves feeling sorry about it. I love life and I love to live and have just recently gained the ability to be truthful with myself and others, and letting your circumstance determine who you are, is for the birds. Like one of those irritating ass quotes go about our disorder…I have PCOS, PCOS doesn’t have me. < #word .


Therefore,  if you’re looking to relieve your mental anguish, you can definitly relax and laugh at mine. Trust me I’m not sensative in the least bit…well at least when it comes to this thing. Also, on a more positive note Polycyster’s you fucking you ROCK. NEVER LET ANYONE TELL YOU DIFFERENT! Even if your chin is full of hair, your gut is full of fat, and your scalp is showing to the world (LMAO…SAD BUT TRUE ) you’re still beautiful!!!

Hell PCOS is hard work, but someone has to do it! Why not us tough girls?



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