So many changes have occurred over the last three to four months.


Things happened that I expected like:


  1. My kid driving – Really Driving. Like For Real All By Herself. Like No One Else In The Car With Her. Like By Herself. You moms out there that have teens that are new drivers how do you deal with this? I don’t know how to deal with this. I literally followed her around the first day, sort of how you do when you’re teaching them to ride a bike, when I couldn’t someone else was. All I could remember is not wanting to let go…eventually I did, but I cried the entire time. Not because of fear, but because of the loss that I felt. She’s growing and less needy and I miss her already.
  2. Moving to a different part of town, leaving the familiarity of a home and neighborhood that I’ve lived in since coming from college.
  3. Weight gain – you can’t eat that much and expect to stay a little chubby…eventually you’ll get fat…I got…a little chubbier, bastards. *offers you shifty side eyes*
  4. Pretty sweet changes at work (The gig that pays the bills right now) – like for real good changes. I’m stoked.


Things happened that I didn’t expect like:


  1. The independence and growth of my little girl.
  2. The independence and growth of myself.
  3. The resilience learned when things DON’T come to pass.
  4. Weight gain—you can’t eat that much and expect to stay a little chubby…eventually you’ll get fat—wait I said this already. I think you get it.
  5. Book legal mumbo jumbo making things official in my (literary) world; which is frightening and also surreal (In a good way).
  6. A HUMONGOUS SLUMP. LIKE WITH LIFE, WORK, KID, MY OWN INVOLVMENT WITH PROCRASTINATION, I WAS IN A SEVERE SLUMP. DIDN’T WRITE A THING. NOT ONE THING. TRIED. BUT NOTHING. LIKE FOR REAL DRY AS MENOPAUSE…or so I hear. I really wish I hadn’t heard that, because it bummed me out. I’ve got about 25-30 good years left apparently. LOL


Things didn’t happen that I expected to happen like:


  1. Releasing Wanted, which is now Wanted, Those Laskins Boys series– Date pushed to December which ultimately bums me out because other things are pushed back because of this. The bright side—and keep it mind that it took me a while to get there—is that I’ve had time to rework/word some things that didn’t work. Figure out another direction and realized that there’s a pretty dope series in this tale. Yeah, that’s it. That’s what I’ll keep telling myself. Anyway, hopefully, it’ll make someone an awesome Christmas gift. In the meantime, stay tuned for excerpts.
  2. Weight loss—you can’t eat that much and expect to stay a litt—to hell with this, I didn’t lose weight, but I didn’t try that hard, so whateves.



Anyway there were changes that happened and changes that didn’t happen, but the constant, change will happen.



I didn’t edit this or proof read it.

I needed to get it out.

If you judge me, then I’ll refer you to the phonetics of the beginning of this sentence…


*chubby girl wink*





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  1. I smiled while reading this post. Stalker? Yes, indeed. I’m teaching my oldest teen to parallel park. It’s wild. He’s nearly a grown up. I can’t. I’m SO looking forward to the release of your series. Stay amazing! Much love.

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